Sobriety Pays Off During A Coronavirus Outbreak

The world had to go to a standstill when the number of positive COVID-19 cases soared faster than anyone ever imagined. Almost every country in the East and West ordered a nationwide lockdown and allowed no one to go in and out of the borders. Cities or states were under quarantine, and the local authorities mandated the inhabitants to avoid going out for non-essential reasons.

As expected, many people did not like the new situation that we all found ourselves in. Some were blatant enough to put quarantine in comparison with a house arrest. However, they could not see how fortunate they were to be away from places that might have the coronavirus. While dining in, working, or gambling was prohibited, you could still order takeouts and smoke to your heart’s content.


I said the latter in a matter-of-factly manner, yes, but it was not a nod towards smoking every day. You should not be emptying a pack of Marlboro or Newport—or both—as if you could only get through the quarantine by doing that. In truth, if you could lay off this habit completely, that would raise your chances to dodge or fight coronavirus.

Why Does Sobriety Pay Off During A Virus Outbreak?

My aunt contracted the coronavirus two weeks ago. It started with flu-like symptoms such as coughing, fever, and body pains. After a couple of days, she got tested along with her husband, who also tested positive. 

The thing is, both patients got similar symptoms around the same time. But my aunt’s husband had it a little worse because he experienced dizzying spells and loss of taste. 


They blamed it on the fact that he was a smoker, whereas my aunt had never puffed a cigarette in her life. Though he had gone from two packs to less than a pack a day, it still caused enough damage on his body, especially his lungs, to be unable to beat the coronavirus quickly. If my aunt’s husband already stopped smoking years ago, he might not be having this problem now.

What Does A Cigarette Do To Your Body?

It Activates Your Immune System At Odd Times

I read a recent study about a group of non-smokers who were told to use e-cigarettes for the first time to see how the smoke would affect their bodies. As it turned out, it only took 20 puffs before the chemicals forced neutrophils to release DNAs that could form a trap for bacteria. It might sound helpful now, but if it would happen a lot, your immune system might malfunction and work against healthy cells. Once a real threat like a coronavirus comes, therefore, your immunity might be a curse to you.


It Keeps You Prone To Infections

Many smokers claim that they cannot stop puffing because it makes them forget their worries momentarily. They no longer mind if it alters their odor and causes constant coughing and other health problems as long as they can smoke. 

This effect is bothersome as these people become too ‘high’ to realize what is happening around them. Worse, their cells may be in chaos often, so their body cannot detect or prevent infections. That’s the reason why it is challenging for smokers to win against COVID-19.

Final Thoughts

To end this article on a positive note, allow me to announce that my aunt and her husband are already on the mend. They were in a scary phase in the last 14 days, but both eventually survived the worst symptoms of the coronavirus disease. 


If you do not want to end up in the same situation as my loved ones, you can do two things:

    • Stay at home
    • Stop smoking

Good luck!

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