Non-Alcoholic Pastimes While Under Quarantine

I can feel how much newly sober individuals may be struggling to stay away from alcoholic beverages during the quarantine. Your daily schedule is not jam-packed, but you can’t use your free time to go out. You can work from home, but it somehow takes a shorter period to finish than usual. Thus, you may always get tempted to drink your favorite alcohol to pass the time.

In reality, however, you can protect your sobriety by trying other time-consuming yet worthwhile activities.



One of the most carefree pastimes to consider is reading. You can do it as soon as you open your eyes, after lunch, before bedtime, and even while taking a dump. It is not restricted to paperbacks or hardbound copies, either. After all, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and other online stores have a lot of titles in eBook format.

Have you found reading boring in the past? Well, it might be because you are trying to read an uninteresting book. Once you get ahold of a book that’s right up to your alley, you may not be able to step away from it.


People have never realized how significant clothing stores are until they have closed to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. The current situation is specifically troublesome for those who love wearing new clothes.


Well, a quick fix for this problem is learning how to sew. You can order a small sewing machine and some fabrics and watch tutorials online. Start with no-frills clothes like a sundress or tank top. When you get used to it, you may produce a full outfit, complete with a matching face mask.


Do you love pastries and desserts? Bakeshops can open during a quarantine since they provide food products, so you can go there anytime. However, in case you want to avoid human interaction as much as possible, you can bake your favorite goodies.

Baking should not be too difficult, especially if you already have an oven at home. Considering you have an oven toaster or microwave, that also works. Your creations don’t need to be bakeshop-material—they merely have to quench your cravings while passing the time.



Because of the quarantine, most people cannot go to parks and become one with the soil, grass, trees, and flowering plants. If you miss that, you may try gardening.

It should be easy to buy packets of seeds in the supermarket. You may plant them anywhere in the garden and tend to them every day. This process can take up your entire morning, so you won’t feel like pouring yourself a glass of wine in the middle of the day.


Napping is a pastime that you should never take for granted. Some think that it is only suitable for babies, but even adults can benefit from it. You can nap anytime during the day from five to 30 minutes to recharge your mind and body.


A little word of advice: schedule your nap several hours before bedtime. Putting a couple of hours between the two can make it challenging for you to sleep at night.

Final Thoughts

Your quarantine days can be similar to a box of chocolates. Say, you can look for a dessert recipe and recreate it today. Tomorrow, you may work on your garden from sunrise until the afternoon. The day after that, you can sew a new dress or pick an inspiring book. Of course, you should try to nap every day to feel more relaxed than ever.

You should be able to do all these pastimes while the community is still under quarantine. This way, you will be full of energy and extremely pumped to prove your skills when you return to work.

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