Why Sobriety Matters During A Pandemic

It has been almost a month since the last time that the sunlight has touched my skin. When Governor Newsom announced the stay-at-home policy in California, my family took it very seriously. Only one person can go out, and that happens to be my husband. Even so, he has only left the house twice to pick up the groceries that I have ordered online. We also have a covered garage, so I need not go outside to collect them from the back of the car.

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Interestingly enough, it has also been almost a month since the last time that my husband and I have shared a drink. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, we used to pour a glass of wine (or three) for each other practically every night. We did not have an alcohol addiction; we merely liked drinking while talking about how our day went. It has always been a part of our bonding experience as a couple.

Since our family has been quarantined, our stress level is not high anymore, and we do not feel the need to drink at all. I believe this newfound sobriety of ours matters because of the following reasons:

Your Immunity Will Not Suffer

A lot of people drink in hopes of forgetting their worries or calming their nerves, especially when they feel uncertain about the future. Getting hungover does not feel great in whatever circumstance, but it makes folks feel a sense of normalcy. It’s as if they are saying, “A headache is too small of a price to pay for dealing with our situation.”

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The problem with drinking during a pandemic, though, is that it does not help your immune system at all. The more alcohol there is in your body, the more your immunity will suffer. As you turn into an immuno-suppressed individual due to your drinking habits, you become prone to acquiring the coronavirus.

It Lets You Continue Doing Your Job Wonderfully

Many businesses have been forced to allow their employees to work from home during the quarantine. While some people use this opportunity to spend time with family, others assume that it is a fantastic excuse to drink day and night. After all, the manager won’t be there to reprimand them, and they don’t need to wake up for work in the morning.

Although there may not be too much to do right now, switching into chill mode entirely cannot be ideal. Your boss may still expect you to send a high-quality output at the end of your shift, you see. That cannot happen if you’re always nursing a hangover. If you don’t stay sober now, the alcohol may cost you your job.

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Incredible Circumstances Won’t Pass You By

Imagine yourself opening packs of beer or a bottle of liquor and thinking, “I can finish this beverage in one sitting.” You do empty the bottle(s), pass out, wake up with a hangover, and then drink again. You stick to this routine because you believe that the quarantine will become more tolerable when you need not go through it sober.

The upside of not drinking while quarantined is that there is room for your loved ones in your schedule. They can talk to you coherently; you can bond with them in person or via FaceTime. Your relationships at this point might be better than ever, given that you don’t focus on wasting away during your free time.

Final Thoughts

I get it if you feel too afraid to handle the coronavirus news updates without an ounce of alcohol in your system. It seems challenging to receive positive information these days; the patient and death counts are both rising. Despite that, how can you avoid being part of these statistics if you don’t embrace sobriety now?

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