The Effects Of Not Drinking Alcohol For One Month




Although everyone has different reactions to alcohol, a few common themes are feeling more relaxed and having more enjoyment in the situation.

It is also very likely that most people will develop a tolerance to alcohol. Once tolerance is developed, it is important to be able to recognize one’s limits and be able to moderate alcohol intake.


Possible Reasons to Quit Alcohol

Some people can develop psychological reactions to alcohol, such as addiction. If you find yourself in need of professional mental health help, there are many resources available for you.

As an example, BetterHelp is a company that offers paid online counseling and therapy. This is a company that strives to provide mental health help for those who want to avoid the stigma associated with seeking help for illnesses that cannot be readily observed.


This company is also professional, affordable, and convenient. Their services are conducted online anytime, anywhere and are private.


It is also possible to develop some physical reactions to alcohol, such as a rash. A rash may occur when someone is allergic to alcohol A common physical (and unpleasant) reaction to alcohol is a hangover. Find out more about how alcohol relates to health here.


Social Reactions to Abstinence




Many people drink for social reasons. Alcohol can be found at parties or gatherings, giving people an opportunity to drink. Drinking has become something of a commonplace activity in today’s culture and society.


A study found that, in mid and late adolescence, social and coping motives are more closely tied to alcohol misuse. While not everyone who misuses alcohol is an adolescent, this study shows

The decision to abstain from drinking alcohol can be met with resistance. Common questions are “Why?” and “How can you have fun otherwise?” These reactions simply reflect the cultural emphasis that is put on drinking socially.


The latter question specifically shows how many consume alcohol to de-stress. Alcohol can ease physical and emotional pain.



Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol




Abstaining from alcohol has both mental and physical benefits. In terms of physical benefits, most report that their skin becomes clearer and their sleep schedule becomes more normal and improves overall. It goes without saying that liver function also improves!


In terms of mental benefits, productivity increases. In addition, stress reduction occurs because there is less of a strain on the bank account!


Overall, the effects of decreasing alcohol consumption are positive. While it is perfectly fine to consume alcohol in moderation, a month of abstinence provides immense benefits.


As always, if you need help with your reaction to alcohol, be it physical or mental, consult a professional. Speak to your general physician about physical symptoms and to a licensed mental health professional about your psychological health. Contact the professionals at BetterHelp to speak to the counselor today.