How Teens Are Affected By Drugs


As parents, we often think that teenagers get into drugs or alcohol to try to belong or just to try and hurt us. But it has been found out through several studies that teens turn to drug and alcohol use because of behavioral and emotional issues. They might be feeling devastated over their parents always fighting, or feeling hopeless about their lives. They’ll know too late that substance abuse only aggravates the problem.

So how do teenagers access these drugs? One resource that’s very difficult to avoid is the school. Ketamine and ecstasy are usually abundant in one of their parties. Cocaine, heroin and other types of drugs are also found in the school premises. Surprisingly, we are unaware that some of the potentially dangerous substances that our teenagers use are in our own homes – household products that they use as inhalant drugs. The easy access to drugs and alcohol is one of the most common reasons why teens are easily drawn to them.

Let us examine the areas in which teens are affected by drug abuse.

Effects of Teen Drug Abuse

  1. It is associated with a high percentage of high school dropouts. Drug addiction among teenagers often causes them to perform badly in school, acquire a lot of absences, and eventually leads to dropping out. According to a study from Missouri State University, about half of the population in prison is made up of teens and adults who dropped out of school.
  1. Health problems from drug and alcohol abuse. The teenage brain is developing and brain function is enhancing. When the teen regularly uses drugs, these processes are disrupted and the development of the brain is stunted, inhibiting the brain’s capacity to fully grow and mature.
  1. Uncontrollable temper leading to violence. Alcohol and drug abuse happen to be at the top five of the causes of teen violence in several states in America. More often than not, family problems push these disturbed teens to go out and release their frustration and anger. This is the reason why parents are advised to go into online therapy, which may benefit them, as per this article
  1. Stress, anxiety, and depression. Studies and real-life events have time and again proven how drugs and alcohol can ultimately lead to mental and emotional problems among teens. They are at the process of growing and developing and are apparently not capable of dealing with the ill effects of these substances. This is why they are more susceptible to depression and even suicide. In school, they would often be late and not able to do their homework. They might become bullies, or they might be bullied. It is vital to know that depression can lead people to drug use, but it can also develop from drug abuse. Either way, these two illnesses make each other worse by the minute.


Drug Abuse Intervention


Drug rehabilitation is vital to your teen’s future. You have to get the help they need as soon as possible

before the consequences magnify and before you know it, their life has become a disaster. Help your teen avoid the long-lasting ill effects of drug and alcohol abuse.