Expression And Connection Can Keep You Fighting




When you’re addicted to a substance, regardless of what it is or why you’re abusing it, the hardest part is recovering from it. The solution to this has been the same for years: gain support from a group or an individual. You are definitely not alone and by being with someone who knows what you are going through and can help you find other ways to adjust, recovering can seem a lot easier.


The means of finding support has developed in ways that people suffering 20 years ago wouldn’t have dreamed of. Instead of going to a support group every Friday night, help and positive reinforcements can be found on the internet any time you need them. For instance, one site, entitled Alcohol Recovery, is specifically designed to help to recover alcoholics relate to others.


From uplifting stories and encouraging quotes to resourceful forums and well-needed video chats, help can be manifested in many forms on the internet, but it is how successful these inspiring and beneficial messages have been that is striking to recovering addicts and nonaddicts alike.

What is Causing these Sites to be so Successful in Promoting Recovery?




The answer to this is not the sites themselves, but those who contribute to them.


During an interview with Warren K. Bickel, Ph.D. from Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, Bickel stated that “studies have supported the importance of social interactions for spreading a variety of behaviors”, which include “alcohol consumption, depression, happiness, obesity, and cessation of cigarette smoking”.


Bickel was set to determine if communicating and reinforcing positive behavior through social media sites can be considered a social interaction of this sort. So far, the answers point to yes.


Everyone says that the biggest benefit to social media is the constant and efficient connection with others, but this connection can do more than boost someone’s ego or keep you in touch with family members.


There are Many Ways to Encourage Healing 



So, what exactly is the key to the recovery process through these social media sites? True, it is the contribution that people make to these sites, but what is this contribution?


It is precisely the same as a support group. They share experiences, lessons, and methods to avoid temptation. By hearing what others have to say on the matter, recovering addicts are able to relieve the tension that they are feeling during withdrawal, they can express their own experiences with others, and receive useful advice and positive responses to help them cope in the future.


Bickel adds that more positive results that can be caused by connecting with others on these sites can include:

  • Communication between peers through interactive meetings and webinars
  • Higher completion of therapeutic education modules
  • Increased drug abstinence
  • More successful recovery maintenance
  • Greater quality of life
  • Higher participation in recovery-related activities

Any of these benefits can contribute greatly to the process of addiction recovery.

For more Assistance:

If self-expression and connection on these sites are not enough to make you feel like you are making any progress in substance recovery, speaking to a certified professional may be worth considering. At BetterHelp, you can speak with a psychiatrist directly and they can help you with any issue you may have.